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The Career Interest Profiler

This is our most popular assessment. Why? Because you spend five days a week at work. That's a lot of time. The Career Interest Profiler will help you discover work that is:

  • Fun
  • Stimulating
  • Challenging
  • Enjoyable to YOU.

The extended report ($14.95) will match YOUR interests to 20-40 possible careers. The report includes a personalized list of job descriptions and activities, links to further career information, PLUS exercises to develop your Career Action Plan.

So sit back and begin, give yourself at least 15 minutes because there are 180 questions.

The Personality Index

The more you understand how you approach situations, the better you will be able to work to your full potential, and make decisions that result in greater satisfaction.

You're only 90 questions away from knowing more about YOUR:

  • Personal Drive
  • Interpersonal Style
  • Working Style
  • Thinking Style
  • Approach to pressure and stress.

The Personality Index Extended Report is designed to help you understand your unique strengths and identify areas to enhance your personal effectiveness.

The full 16 page report not only includes personalized insight on the 17 different scales it also offers up to 50 tips for better living.

The Career Values Scale

Work shouldn't be a drag . . . let's take a look at what drives you to be happy or unhappy at work.

At only 88 questions the CVS is our shortest inventory. Don't let that fool you, it packs a serious punch. The full 15 page personalized report will identify key elements in your work life that make you satisfied or dissatisfied with work.

The extended report includes personalized information on YOUR:

  • Service Orientation
  • Team Orientation
  • Influence
  • Creativity
  • Independence
  • Excitement
  • Career Development
  • Financial Rewards
  • Security
  • Prestige

It will be a valuable experience for you to look at your career values and to identify those that are present or missing in your current career. Make an investment in YOU, its a small price to pay for guidance this good.

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